Everything in life is a matter of odds. Even the arrival of a new life in the world depends on the odds of a new pregnancy. This rule applies everywhere, with no exceptions.

Think: Even the daily life of a simple person is based on odds. To run his daily schedule he must have favorable odds. For example, it is a matter of odds that we will be able to arrive … safe in our work without something bad happening … accident, fulfill our professional obligations and return to our family, hobbies or something else we like to do.
It is simple. Τhe daily home to work run or a walk to a sports field or a bar for any person has significant chances of successful fulfillment … for the record over 99.9999% (unless it belongs to a … war zone).

This does not mean that even this number is not a simple chance that it lacks 1 / 100,000 to obtain absolute certainty that it can never be calculated anywhere and in anything.


If a top political analyst assured you that the odds of re-election in Donald Trump’s next presidential election are 90-95% would you be accepting today a 5-to-1 bet on your money in case of a win? Even a small child would do it!

If Wall Street’s best financial analyst assured you 99% that the Euro / Dollar exchange rate in the following year would drop below 1 to 1 while today is 1.20 would you be willing to open a large euro trade market today against the Dollar? Even a crazy person would flee in the face of such an economic disaster!

Of course, things are far from clear, so it is extremely difficult for anyone to evaluate whether to accept a risk-taking financial benefit or damage on a bet on any market.

Think: We are in the Premier League’s last match and in a hypothetical scenario, Liverpool has already mathematically won the title regardless of the final score while playing for the last time against the 15th Manchester United who needs a tie or a victory not to be relegated in the English Championship. The 1X2 odds of the bookmakers for this fabulous match are 1.5-3.5-5.6.

Hmm … this needs some consideration, doesn’t it?



Still, think about it: We are in a time machine in 2013 and an American teenager has recently collected his first 2 bitcoins in his electronic wallet believing that this digital currency he collected with his single-day pocket money will be of great value in the future. A true investment! And yet here he runs out of money and wants to treat his girlfriend tonight. He initially believes that it’s fortunate that the restaurant they chose for their date accepts his 2 bitcoins for a pizza and some drinks with the current value of bitcoin in 2007. Is that so? Does he make a stupid thing for a small amount? (1 bitcoin in the winter of 2018 reached the price of $ 20000 while there are few who believe that in the future it will reach 1,000,000)
Oh! How hard decisions!


We have the experience and the skills to analyze the odds and to mitigate the risk we receive. To get to this level, we have fallen into many trials and errors in the past that our current subscribers will surely avoid!

We always consider things in the long run, the broad horizon and not what we have won or lost in a single day, week or even a month. The most important of all and what sets us apart from the rest, besides our professional consistency we have gained within a proven track record of 20 years in similar ventures, is that we treat this market as single, be it sports betting, forex or cryptocurrency trading or anything else appearing in the future.
Why? because if you think about it ….

Everything in life is a matter of odds and therefore of good evaluation …
Enjoy the dudestake.info subscription service.

There is a great chance you’ll stay delighted!

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